Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weather Report: Event Portal Eclipse

This is two days short of "two weeks" "after"
If you know anything about snow...
It changes "all the time"... hour by hour

This is a "Shine like Oil"
and after 2 weeks has turned to the most common description...
"Orange Peal"

And still... I have to force people (living in this)
"Just after the eclipse (around *0 most of the time), did you get to see how the snow shined like glass"
 "Oh yeah, I did see that"

These photos were a sunny day- mid 30's (F)
(cars on the road were splashing water)

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  1. The Color of Snow...
    For the Taiwan Conference We walked the melting, cracking, popping Kenai river... (ever moving Ice Flow)
    Friday evening 5 finger cloud and Moon suspended in palm